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Welcome to an Inside Look of the
North Clark Historical Museum.

The Sternwheeler "Mascot"

This is the Original Kerosene Lantern from the Sternwheeler "Mascot" which plied the Lewis River in the late 1800's.

Additional supporting photographs and history of the area during these times are on display with the lantern. 

Mascot Headlight

This 100 year old lantern, from the Sternwheeler "Mascot", was filled with kerosene, a fuel used before converting to carbide. The type of kerosene used was different from the kerosene of today. The lamp is actually the chimney itself. The reflector nor the inside has no damage from smoke. The kerosene of today would smoke up the lamp.

In the late 1880's to 1908, paddle boats, or sternwheelers, would come up the side rivers to little towns like LaCenter or Woodland to pick up produce and people. The boats only needed a foot of water and even then, part of the year they couldn't come up to LaCenter.

 The Paeschels and McClellans and, of course many others, used these boats. The two families lived in Fargher Lake and View area in Clark County.

There were no roads at that time--only Indian trails. In the beginning, when the Paeschels first came here, they walked the 8 miles to LaCenter to take produce to Portland by boat. Mrs. Paeschel tells about how hard it was to walk in wet and rain with 6 or 7 skirts on flopping around her ankles. Later they used oxen, as they were able to get them and then horses and wagons.

There were many boats that used these waterways for many years. The Columbia was full of boats.

"This lamp was given to me from a friend of my husbands--Bob Horn. He told me either his father or uncle was the Captain of the Mascot"
As told by Minnie McClellan who was
born in Gervais, Oregon. At one year of age, her family moved to Clark County where she has resided for the past 83 years.

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